With strong adhesives our tough labels can be stuck onto pots by the growers enabling plants to arrive at the garden centres all correctly labelled ready for sale.  These Thermal labels can be over printed with any information relevant to the products that they are stuck on to.

With many garden centres now selling a wide range of gifts to complement their plant sales, security has become much more important. We can supply a wide range of RFID and EAS tags to suit different size products

Pot Labels

Hard wearing outdoor labels


If you are still peeling and applying pricing labels manually then you are probably wasting a great deal of time and money. The answer is an inexpensive hand labeller, which will speed your promotional labelling, hand pricing, date code marking and batch / barcode operation by up to a factor of four.

No training is necessary and anyone will become a proficient operator with minutes. Our hand label guns are robust, easy to use and require minimal maintenance. When you consider the potential savings, a dispenser or hand coder will pay for itself in no time at all.