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Window stickers can be printed on self cling or self adhesive materials. Ideal for car windscreens, glass door sticker’s, safety glass or any glass window, door or mirror. They are an attractive and affordable way to put messages on windows, doors and mirrors.

Self cling window stickers have no adhesive and can be easily peeled off leaving no residue! They are ideal for short-term promotions or any situation where they need to be easily removed without leaving a residue. Self cling can also be placed on the window using any side due to static holding both sides.

Self adhesive window stickers are applied for longer term use. For example if you want to post your hours of business, advertise a particular product line, or let customers know about additional services you provide.

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Our labels are waterproof and custom printed up to eight colours. Window stickers can be placed inside but printed so that the window sticker may be readable outside. Window stickers are custom printed water proof labels to allow the window sticker to be placed outside the window.

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Let us quote you for labels and window stickers using our new wide format colour printer.


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