Where to get self-adhesive packaging labels

Are you looking for self-adhesive packaging labels that compliment your products and services and meet all your marketing objectives? Most businesses are, and it’s important to remember that first impressions do count.

The team at Gilly Print ensure the self-adhesive labels we supply to our customers are effective in application. Gilly Print’s self-adhesive packaging labels are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles, with an option for everyone and every business. We can supply packaging labels plain for you to print onto yourself or we can pre-print according to your exact specifications. The packaging labels we supply aid in the identification of a particular product, and we can print additional details to help with this, including images, text, numbering and barcodes.

Packaging labels are an integral part of packaging and retailing, while the labels we supply are also ideal for use in factories, warehouses, distribution centres and storage facilities. With clear, comprehensive packaging labels you can identify packages quickly and easily, facilitating packaging processes in-house.

Go for quality and go for economy with Gilly Print.