Tamper Evident / Security Labels

Do you need to find some way of protecting products or packaging from being tampered with?  Or do you need to protect ID, part number or batch number information for warranty purposes?

A sticker, label or seal that cannot be removed without damaging it or leaving traces could could be the perfect solution.  Gilly Print can design and provide tamper proof labels for any purpose.


It is important to choose the right option for your security label. There are various options that you might want to consider to secure your products.

We have listed below the kind of security labels that you might like to consider. We would be very happy for you to contact us so that we can give you some free help and guidance so that you can make the most appropriate choice.  Gilly Print has over 30 years of experience regarding security labelling.

What are Tamper Proof Labels?

A tamper proof label is essentially a label that breaks down or damages when attempts are made to remove it, or access whatever is beneath the label.  This is achieved by using an adhesive that is far stronger than the label material.  It is important to use the appropriate adhesive and material for the sticker depending on the environment it is going to be used in. For example, low or high temperature, contact with substances.  In some cases the material may be very brittle.

The label cannot be laminated as the laminate will give an unwanted strength.  Once the label has been applied and cured it cannot be reused.

Security Labels

A security label is an alternative name for a tamper proof label, they are the same thing.  It is a labelling solution for where evidence is obvious if any attempt is made to remove the label.

Tamper Evident Labels

A typical use for a tamper evident sticker is for asset labelling if there is a requirement for extra security.  A vinyl label will simply break up into multiple pieces if tampered with.  In manufacturing these labels can be useful for identifying product batch numbers and IDs, so a returned product is proven to be genuine and traceable.


Security Seals

A security seal is a label that is used as a seal for something that can then be easily identified as broken. The principal is the same as tamper proof labels in having a label material that is weaker than the adhesive used. Therefore if the sticker is damaged the seal is broken.

Tamper Proof Seals

A typical use may be on packaging to determine if it has been tampered with and opened. Or on a product as a warranty protection to stop the owner from accessing unwanted areas. These seals are often used in the medical, manufacturing and software industries.


Void Labels

Void labels can be printed with anything from barcodes, sequential numbers, codes &

'VOID' Tamper Proof Labelcustomer text or logo. This kind of label can actually be removed but the word ‘VOID’ remains on the product. Tamper evident Void labels cannot be re-used.  The label is waterproof and can be a good choice in an environment where the label could get wet and damaged.



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