Specialist Labels

Consecutive numbering services are available including:

Barcodes/Sequentially Numbered Barcodes
(Supplied on Rolls, or Sheets and Singles when requested)
Perforated Labels 
(on request)
Multiple Designs on the same roll or sheet accommodated
Artwork can be printed on the back of the carrier sheet
Medium or Long Print Runs are also available (i.e. 2,000 5,000 10,000 25,000
50,000 100,000 even up to 1,000,000 or more)


Thermal Transfer Labels. White, Coloured and Pre-Printed Roll Fed Thermal Labels

Suppliers of round square oval or special shaped, direct thermal printer labels, permanent & removable roll fed thermal transfer labels, colour labels, pharmacy labels, shipping, wine, food, barcode and pharmaceutical labels in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. White, coloured, clear and pre-printed plastic polyester and paper labels, thermal pressure and bar code labels supplied in the UK.


White or Transparent Industrial Grade Vinyl Polyester Polyethylene or Paper

Matt and gloss white vinyl and gloss clear vinyl, is a good all round material with a little rigidity and flexibility. It is used on stickers for application outdoors, for example on the side of a van exposed to all weather conditions. It has a good resistance to fairly low and high temperatures (-20 to 110 degrees C). Vinyl is used in harsh environments, such as industry, electronics, gardens and bathrooms and on products as name plates. Vinyl is often over laminated with a clear film for added protection.
Clear self adhesive vinyl is the base for window stickers.
Fluorescent vinyl is available for exterior use on police cars and ambulances or promotion etc.

Polyester (PP) is available in both clear and white and is excellent for many applications. Polyester is a slightly rigid material, waterproof and most commonly used on plastic milk bottles or similar.

Polyethylene (PE) is available in both clear and white and is suitable for many uses. It is very flexible and reacts like a polythene. It is often used on squeezy bottles.

White Litho 
is self adhesive and similar to the type of matt paper you might use in a photocopier. White Litho is normally used in logistics for address labels or barcode labels on large boxes.
is a semi gloss paper with a slight sheen. Velvet is one of the most commonly used papers for labels on food packaging in the retail sector, and is used for promotion or descriptive labels saying for example: ‘Waitrose Chicken’ Jacobs Creek Wine’ ‘Marmite’ or special offer labels.
High Gloss White (HGW) is a cast gloss paper with a clay coating making it very shiny. It’s appearance is similar to Chromalux in conventional printing. High Gloss White is mainly used on high quality toiletries and cosmetics.
Dayglo and Fluorescent
 papers are available in orange, yellow. green and red. The colours are very bright and labels are often used to announce a special price or offer. The main purpose is to attract attention.

Special Materials
Metallic Laminates are available in matt, gloss and bright shiny silver and gold. Metallic laminates are often used in the drinks industry on beer and wine bottles.
Tyvek is a very strong, durable, weatherproof material especially suitable for applying to objects displayed in gardens centres such as terracotta pots, wood or fence panels etc.
Tyrestick is a very special material for sticking to tyres.
Tamper Evident paper is normally used as a seal to show if a jar, lid, cover or a box has been opened.  Tamper evident vinyl is a very thin, fragile vinyl with an ultra strong adhesive, which is impossible to remove in one piece. It will break into tiny bits if any attempt is made to remove it, so is ideal as asset labels on computers or other assets and will deter theft.
Self Cling is available in clear or white and is held electro statically without adhesive on the inside of windows or other gloss surfaces such as fridges and cookers on display in shops. Adhesives. Most of the above materials are available (subject to a minimum order) with special adhesives such as permanent, peelable, deep freeze, chiller, water soluble, water washable, ultra removable, high temperature (for polys only) and ultra permanent.
Over Laminate is a thin clear film used to enhance the appearance of a label or to protect it from the elements or chemicals, petrol, diesel, oil or water.


A selection of specialist labels produced by Gilly Print

Bar code labels and printers
Chemical Labels
Printable Medical Wristbands
Medical Labels
Domed Labels
Asset Labels
Block Out Labels
Pat Testing Labels
Piggy Back Labels
Tamper Proof Labels
QR Labels
RF radio frequency security labels
Waterproof Labelling