Self Adhesive Packaging Labels

Are self-adhesive packaging labels your labelling approach of choice? Self-adhesive is now capable of producing high quality graphics and embellishments, so you can have what you like on your packaging labels. For businesses that frequently transport goods, it’s vital to have a trusted supplier to meet all your needs for packaging labels.

Self-adhesive packaging labels are needed to identify and describe the contents of each package, and for places such as factories, warehouses and distribution centres, where packaging is occurring all the time, packaging labels will be used all day every day.

Self-adhesive packaging labels can be ordered through Gilly Print. These labels can be supplied as blank labels for your own printing or they can be pre-printed with the graphics, embellishments or safety messages you require. A selection of sizes and colours are available, so you can create customised labels to meet the needs of your business and your brand. Targeted packaging will help to ensure all packages are handled according to the instructions provided on the packaging label.

The self-adhesive packaging labels supplied by Gilly Print work best when used in conjunction with our packaging tape and return address labels, ensuring your goods reach their intended destination.

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