Product Labels

Product Labels & Packaging Labels

Custom made product labels for all types of packaging. 


Gilly Print, based in Hampshire, have developed a reputation as the region’s go to business for high quality bespoke labelling for both products and packaging.  The service provided is second to none, ensuring the customer ends up with the perfect label for the product, which also has the right finish and technical ability.

It is important to stand out from the crowd no matter what the product is and a well-designed product label and packaging label of high quality will be appealing.

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Industry Accredited Materials & Adhesives

All products and adhesives have been fully accredited within their industry.  This means Gilly Print uses the right type of materials and adhesive for a particular industry.  For example, there is no point using a product label on a chemical drum, or its packaging, that degrades in that environment.  The same adhesive cannot be used on fruit labelling.  It is vitally important that apart from aesthetics the right materials and glues are always used.


Some examples of product labels available include:

·       Chemical labels

·       Pharmaceutical labels

·       Drinks labels

·       Promotional labels

.       Barcoded labels

·       Tamper Evident / Security labels

·       Cosmetic labels

·       Pat Test Labels


The Chilli Pepper Company product label

Gilly Print will work with you throughout the whole product label design and packaging process to make sure you understand the right materials to use, along with the safest and most appropriate adhesive.  The finished labels will be tested to ensure they are of the highest possible standard.  We work with small batches and prototypes right up to large volume products.

Printed Cloth Satin Labels – We also print labels that are sewn into furnishings, clothing etc.  Bespoke labels printed with a variety of information to suit the product it is being stitched into.

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Please feel free to call us, we will be more than happy to offer assistance and advise on the options available.


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