Label Rewinders

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Label Rewinders



The T10 rewinder has an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on the user’s requirements, the T10 can rewind “inside or outside” label rolls.

Can be used with all Godex’s printers.

Compatible with most other label printers including Zebra, Citizen, Datamax etc.

Supports inside and outside label rewinding

Stylish appearance plus a rugged design for long term reliability

Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status

Support three Core Size: 1” (25.2 mm – 25.6 mm), 1.5” (40 mm – 40.6 mm) and 3″ (76 mm – 76.6 mm); Core and coreless kits included.


GP-T10 External Label Rewinder 4 inch 

Godex Printer rewind unit

T10 Rewind Unit









GP-T20  External Label Rewinder 6″ inch

GP-T20 Rewinder









Modular core adaptor fits 1″, 1.5″ & 3″ Core Sizes
Colour LED indicates status
Switch to rewind labels inside or outside


Paper Width Max. 120 mm (4.72”)
Rewind Speed Auto mode: 12 IPS (max)
Fixed: Coreless 5.4IPS / 1 inch Roll: 6.3IPS
Label Roll Diameter Max. O.D. 203.2 mm (8”)
Core Diameter Coreless
I.D. 1” (25.2 – 25.6 mm)
I.D. 1.5”x2 (37.4 – 38 & 40 – 40.6 mm)
I.D. 3” (76 – 76.6 mm)
Label Roll Weight 5 Kg (11 lbs)
Rewinding Label Inside / Label Outside
Motor Hybrid Motor
Power 100 – 240VAC 24W, 24V Adapter
Environment Storage: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Operation: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Humidity 10 – 85% (non-condensing RH)
Agency Approvals CE, FCC Class A
Dimension Length: 13.7” (349 mm)
Height: 11.9” (303 mm)
Width: 7.1” (180 mm)
Weight 11 lbs (5 Kg), excluding consumables


UR 100 Label Rewider (Now replaced by MC11)

The UR 100 label rewinder, when set up with your     Citizen CLP 521 or 621 or any other brand of thermal printer, automatically rewinds your printed labels on to a new core at exactly the same speed as they are printed. This rewinder removes the headache of wasted labour time trying to hand roll the printed labels as they are pumped out of your printer at high speed. The UR 100 label rewinder can be used anywhere in the world. Rewind speeds from 1″ to 12″ per second. Cores can be 38mm 44mm or 76mm


Electric Rewinder     Electric Rewinder

MC-10A & MC-11Rugged, low-cost “MINI-CAT” Label Rewinders

Meet the LABELMATE MINI-CATs, the world’s most popular Label Rewinders. They can rewind label rolls up to 4½ -inches wide, up to 8.6-inches (220-mm) in diameter at speeds up to 15-inches/second (38-cm/sec.) The MINI-CATs can also be used as Label Unwinders[O1] .   The MC-10A has a 3” diameter Core Holder. You can also use the included “coreless rewind” feature to rewind directly on-shaft. The MC-11 includes a precision-crafted Adjustable Core Holder that adjusts in seconds to accept any core diameter from 1” to 4” (25- to 102-mm). The MC-11 can also do coreless rewinding.   The MINI-CATs use LABELMATE’s proprietary Constant Adjustable Torque™ (“CAT”) technology to achieve reliable performance at an unprecedented low price. A special direct-drive motor offers bi-directional operation and trouble-free performance. Your MINI-CAT is backed by an unmatched 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty! No speed adjustments are required. The MINI-CAT automatically adjusts to any printer speed up to 15-ips and even allows label back-feeding automatically if your printer requires it. The amount of rewind force is adjustable.   The MINI-CATs have an inner Label Flange to keep the edge of the label web aligned as the labels are being rewound. Also available is an optional Adjustable Paper Guide (APG-MC) that mounts directly to the MC-10A or MC-11 base plate and guides the outer edge of the labels. For the MC-10A, an optional plastic Outer Flange is also available. See photos below right. Rugged steel construction allows your MINI-CAT to simply be set in place near your label printer. Special anti-slip feet keep the unit from moving.   Join tens of thousands of others, and put a MINI-CAT to work for you today and enjoy the finest in low-cost label rewinding convenience and reliability.   MC-10A & MC-11 SPECIFICATIONS: Label Width: Up to 4.5” (114-mm). Label Roll Diameter: Up to 8.6” (220-mm). Maximum Label Roll Weight: 8.5-lbs. (3.9-kg). Core Diameter: MC-10A – 3” (76-mm) or coreless. MC-11 – Any from 1” to 4” (25- to 102-mm) or coreless. Speed: Up to 15-ips (38-cm/sec).  Switch adjustable rewind force. No speed adjustments are required. Start/Stop: Convenient ON-OFF switch also controls Direction. Power Requirements: 120v 60Hz. 20 va. UL / CSA Listed Power Supply. 230v 50Hz available at the same price. Specify. Size: H-W-D 9 x 6 x 11” (229 x152 x 279-mm). Weight: 13-lbs. (5.9-kg). Optional: Adjustable Paper Guide (APG-MC) Arm. Fits both the MC-10A and the MC-11. Optional: Plastic Outer Flange for the MC-10A only (Flange, MC-10, Outer) Warranty: Now! 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, by far the longest in the industry! (One-year Limited Warranty on the included Power Supply Module.)

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Label Rewinder Series


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RWR Series Automatic Label Rewind Unit

Compatible with almost all brands of Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer and Inkjet Label Printers, Gilly Printers rewinding equipment provides a simple, fast and economical solution to the problem of printing larger quantities of self adhesive labels at one time and rewinding them into smaller or larger rolls for distribution. The electronic speed control automatically synchronizes the winding or unwinding speed to the speed of your printer. This versatile label rewinder winds labels ‘face out’ or ‘face in’. There are also adaptor kits for non-standard core sizes as well as for rewinding labels without using a core. High quality well designed steel construction, the RWR Series offer a stable and effective connection to your thermal label printer. Available in 140mm and 230mm widths for cores ranging from 38mm to 110mm This cost effective solution allows for a maximum outside roll diameter of 300 mm The innovative detection system allows for continuous operation without stopping for realignment and tears. Auto-Alarm and Self-Stop when labels run out or brake “Dancing Arm” (electronically synchronises timing & speed) Speed from 1” up to 10” Per Second 38mm — 76mm Core Spindle Suits all Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printers ScreenHunter_37 Feb. 19 16.07

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