Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer

Gilly Print supplies many different types of printers to suit your needs.  Some of our best selling desktop printers are Citizen and Godex.

The first stage in buying a printer is to identify what you are going to print.  If you are printing address labels or labels for perishable goods that are only going to be used for a short space of time then a Direct thermal printer would be ideal. This is because Direct thermal technology uses heat sensitive paper by transferring heat through the print head of a direct thermal printer burning the image, text or barcodes directly onto the label. This means that the print would eventually fade with sunlight or heat and would be easily scuffed.

The alternative is Thermal Transfer printing which uses heat to transfer an image, text or barcode using an ink ribbon onto the label.  Heat from the print head melts the ink from the ribbon onto the label surface.  This type of printing will allow you to use paper or synthetic label materials which would be resistant to heat, water, oil and chemicals.

Citizen & Godex Printers

Citizen & Godex Printers


Quantity of Labels You Want to Print

For low volume printing which is about 1000 labels a day a desktop printer would be a good choice.  If you are printing up to 10,000 labels a day then a mid-range printer would be recommended.  If you are printing over this amount per day then you would need to look at more high performance printers.

Label Size

Printers are supplied with different size print heads.  The size of your label would depend on which printer you would need.  The cost of the printer goes up the wider the print head. The standard print head size is 4 inches.

Print Heads

The type of print head you will require depends on what information you are going to print on your labels.  A standard 200dpi print head is ideal for printing everyday text and barcodes. A 300dpi print head is available if you need to print smaller graphics and 2D barcodes.

Printer Accessories

There are other options that you may require when choosing your printer.

Cutters – Cutters are available for most printers including desktop printers. Ask for expert advice when considering this option.

Label Rewinders – Helps to reduce wasted labour time trying to hand roll the printed labels as they are pumped out of your printer.Label Rewinders


UR 100 Automatic Label Rewind Unit

The UR 100 label rewinder, when set up with your Citizen CLP 521 or 621 or any other brand of thermal printer automatically rewinds your printed labels on to a new core at exactly the same speed as they are printed.

The UR 100 label rewinder can be used anywhere in the world. Rewind speeds from 1″ to 12″ per second. Cores can be 38mm 44mm or 76mm

RWR Series Automatic Label Rewind Unit

Compatible with almost all brands of Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer and Inkjet Label Printers, Gilly Printers rewinding equipment provides a simple, fast and economical solution to the problem of printing larger quantities of self adhesive labels at one time and rewinding them into smaller or larger rolls for distribution.

The electronic speed control automatically synchronizes the winding or unwinding speed to the speed of your printer. This versatile label rewinder winds labels ‘face out’ or ‘face in’.

There are also adaptor kits for non-standard core sizes as well as for rewinding labels without using a core.

High quality well designed steel construction, the RWR Series offer a stable and effective connection to your thermal label printer.

Available in 140mm and 230mm widths for cores ranging from 38mm to 110mm  This cost effective solution allows for a maximum outside roll diameter of 300 mm

The innovative detection system allows for continuous operation without stopping for realignment and tears.

Auto-Alarm and Self-Stop when labels run out or brake
“Dancing Arm” (electronically synchronises timing & speed)
Speed from 1” up to 10” Per Second
38mm — 76mm Core Spindle
Suits all Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printers


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