Printable Medical Wristbands

Printable Medical Wristbands


Printable medical wristbands are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, care homes and throughout the NHS. They are used to quickly identify an adult or child and provide valuable information.

Direct Thermal – clip fastening,

These Printable Medical Wristbands can be printed by using thermal printers such as Zebra, Datamax, TEC and Citizen printers.

Z-Band QuickClip Wristbands can be printed with any of our Thermal Label Printers.

Our Patient wrist bands can be provided in thermal direct medical wrist band material or thermal tranfer medical wrist band material.

Our medical wristband material is approved by the NHS.

For further advice about our NHS approved patient wrist bands please contact us at gillyneb@ntlworldcom  or 0800 013 0348 


A 152.4 micron white top coated direct thermal polypropylene tag. This material is converted into direct thermal bar code identification wristbands. Zebra Z-Band QuickClip offers secure closure to ensure added security.

Suggested Applications
• Safe, secure, positive patient ID for hospitals
• Events admissions: sports, concerts, festivals etc.
• Water and amusement park admissions
• Cruise ships and resorts; cash-free transactions

Key features and benefits 
Direct thermal ease of use (no ribbon), bar code protects patient information
Patent pending anti-microbial coating prevents the growth and survival of micro-organisms on the wristband.
Excellent print quality down to 5 mil narrow bar codes. Recommended print speed is 2 ips.
UV overvarnish is applied over print area on wristbands, providing excellent resistance to water, soaps, foam soaps, lotions, alcohol and other common solvents
Secure closure with Zebra Z-Band QuickClip
Latex-free- no natural rubber latex is used in the raw material processing of Zebra Z-Band QuickClip.




152.4 micron top coated white direct thermal polypropylene tag

152.4 microns

Total 152.4 microns


Recommended Storage Conditions: 6 months duration when stored between 0°C and 21°C at 35% to 50% RH

Service temperature range: -40°C to 60°C

Recommended Citizen printer: desktop, mid-range and high-performance

Durability Testing

Abrasion Test: Exceeds 1500 rubs using Crockmeter with Heavy arm and crocking cloth. Heat Resistance: Human readable information still legible after 1 hour 90 C

Water: Withstands total immersion in water

91% IPA: Withstands 50 rubs with soaked cotton applicator

70% IPA: Withstands 50 rubs with soaked cotton applicator

Foam Soap: Withstands exposure to most foam soap skin and perineal cleansers.

Skin Protectant: Withstands long-term exposure to no rinse breathable barrier skin protectants.

Z-Band QuickClip Kit availability

Part Number



Max. Roll OD

Quantity per kit



1.1875″” x 11″ (30 mm x 279.4mm)

1″ (25.4mm)

5″ (127mm)

260 bands per roll, 1560 bands per kit

Z-Band QuickClip kit contains 6 rolls of Z-Band QuickClip wristbands (260 bands per roll) and 1660 white clips. Coloured clips available on request.

Sample Rolls

Part Number



Max. Roll OD

Quantity per roll

Sample Roll


1.1875″” x 11″ (30 mm x 279.4mm)

1″ (25.4mm)

5″ (127mm)


Each sample roll is supplied with 55 white clips

NOTE: All of the above wristband products have a black sensing mark and require a printer equipped with black mark sensing.

Custom wristband sizes, configurations, and colours are available on request.

Product Performance and Suitability

All information on this document is to be used for guidance only and is not to be used for setting specifications. All purchasers of Zebra products shall be responsible for independently determining if the product conforms to all requirements of the application.

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