Piggy Back Labels

Piggy Back Labels


Piggy back labels consist of two separate layers of material where a label is stuck on top of another and the bottom layer forms the backing for the top one. These labels have a variety of uses and are a clever way of providing more information than a standard label can provide. They are also useful as the bottom label can remain attached to the product while the top label can be easily removed.

Piggy back labels can be used when there is a need to apply a label and then have all or part of that label re-applied elsewhere. Piggyback labels have two layers of labels and adhesive. You can stick your label to your packaging or product, and then the end user can peel off the top layer and stick the second label to their reply card.

The name Piggyback label comes from their design. They are made up of two labels, one “piggyback riding” on the other, or one on top of the other. Both are self-adhesive, but the top is peelable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label stays stuck to the original surface.

Piggyback labels are used widely in the healthcare industry, for mailing stationery, tax returns, stock returns etc.

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