Peel and Reveal


Peel and Reveal


Peel and Reveal – A clever labelling solution to solve the problem of large amounts of information required on products.

Peel And Reveal Labels

When on space limitations restrict the amount of copy it is possible to include on a single layer label, a multi layer peel and reveal label is the solution. Two or three layers of label material give you three or five additional printable pages. With legislation prone to change on such goods as consumer chemicals, as well as cosmetics and food regulations demanding more and more on pack information, more and more businesses are moving to peel and reveal labels.
A peel and reveal label product is a popular method of on pack promotion. If you want to raise brand awareness or let your customers know about other products or initiatives your Company offers, a multi layer label can be a very effective answer. Alternatively if you want to offer your customers money off vouchers or competition entries, Gilly Print offers a range of options.

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We can produce:

Barn door and reveal labels
Coupon and competition entry labels
Digital Peel and Reveal Labels
Multi language peel and reveal 
Multi sort peel and reveal
Peel and reveal – dry peel labels
Peel and reveal chemical labels
Peel and reveal ‘collectables’
Peel and reveal food promotions
Peel and reveal security features
Peel and reveal unique coded labels
Sequential peel and reveal labels
Peel and reveal wraps
Short run peel and reveal labels
Special shaped peel and reveal labels
Triple layer peel and reveal labels
Three and five page peel and reveal labels