Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels – When parcels are dispatched it is very important that they are labelled correctly according to the rules and regulations of where they are being shipped to whether it is in the UK or overseas.

Please also see our Chemical Label page to view Warning, Hazchem and other cautionary stickers which are required by law when goods are transported.

Together with a clear mailing label your parcel may need to provide additional important information, for example: fragile, handle with care, this way up, glass handle with care, two arrows etc.

Gilly Print can produce your labels in various sizes according to your company regulations. All our shipping and handling labels comply to BS5609 regulations.

Other labels which may be of interest:

To ensure safe delivery of your parcels our packaging stickers should be used in conjuction with our packaging tape and return address labels.

Gilly Print can also supply good quality thermal printers for busy businesses to print their own labels according to their needs.

For further information regarding packaging labels please call Gilly Print.

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