Packaging Labels

Packaging labels / stickers can be used for a variety of things such as labelling parcels and goods which need to be handled with care, fragile goods, heavy goods, goods which need to be upright and goods which cannot end. These labels can include a combination of text, images and barcodes.

Packaging labels vary in shape, size and colour according to their use.  They can be supplied blank or pre printed and are normally white but can be coloured for easy identification of certain types of packaging or customers.  To ensure safe delivery of your parcels our packaging stickers should be used in conjuction with our packaging tape and return address labels.

Safety Labels

Safety labels which ensure the safe transportation and delivery of your items. Some of the most common safety labels are FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE and THIS WAY UP.

Gilly Print can also supply good quality thermal printers for busy businesses to print their own labels according to their needs.

Three cardboard boxes with parcel tape on conveyor belt