Medicine Labels & Medical Labelling

We supply a vast range of easy-to-read medical labels for use in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. These labels can be supplied printed or blank, on rolls or sheets.

Our medical labels are used by hospitals, pharmacies and other sectors of the healthcare industry. Some examples of use are patient records, hospital equipment, hospital furniture etc.

Using a wide range of materials and adhesives and adhering to British standards our medical labels are excellent for all jobs. From small print runs to larger print runs we can provide competitive medical label quotes and quality service. Gilly Print can also provide quality printers for in house printing of medical labels together with technical support and training.

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Medicine Labels

Clear medicine labelling is crucial for the safe use of all medicines and its primary purpose is for the clear and unambiguous identification of the product and the conditions for safe use.  Similarity in packaging is known to contribute to medication error and MHRA has published guidance for those involved in the design and layout of medicine labelling to help improve the way in which labelling information is presented both to health care professionals and patients. This guidance applies to medicines available on prescription and also over the counter.

Pharmaceutical Labels

The same medical label rules apply to pharmaceutical labels.  These labels can be produced pre printed or blank for individual patient or client information to be printed on.  By purchasing or renting a printer from Gilly Print you can easily print out important individual information on your blank medical labels.  These medical labels can be supplied in any shape, size or colour.

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