Gilly Print Label Production Expansion

Gilly Print is pleased to announce that it has expanded it’s label production in Lymington, Hampshire to help provide an even  better service for it’s customers in the Hampshire and Dorset areas.  Our Lymington facilities specialising in Thermal label printing in Hampshire has grown by 20% over the past year. The Lymington label print unit  will help to maintain the services required from it’s customers.  For more help and information please do not hesitate to contact Gilly Print at Lymington Hampshire  on 01590 718002.


Specialising in thermal labels, thermal printers and ribbons.

What Gilly Print offers

We know from our own personal experience that buying a thermal bar code printer from a ‘box shifter’ printer warehouse can be a nightmare. You know the problems once you open the box: no cables, complicated manuals, no labels, even if there were labels in the box, how do you thread the roll of labels and printer ribbon through the printer, how do you set up your art work?
Worst of all when you press the button – nothing! No print!
You contact the warehouse, but all they want to do is charge you £150 to come out and fix the problem.

We’re different. When you phone us, we ask you what you want to print, give you the best possible advice and set up your first job on the software including two lines of text and a bar code.

We set up your new bar code printer with the ribbon and the free roll of labels already installed ready to print. We print your artwork on the machine and leave the printed bar code labels on the roll, so you can see exactly how it all works.

The printer and labels are sent to you by carrier for ‘next day delivery.’

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