Bottle Labels for Milk, Water, Soft Drinks & Alcohol

Work with Gilly Print to create individual and unique bottle labels.  Stand out from the crowd with something a bit different.

Typical types of bottle labelling available are:


  • Water bottle labels
  • Wine labels
  • Soft drink labels
  • Beer labels
  • Milk Bottle Labels

Custom or Ready Made

As well as supplying off the shelf promotional labels & stickers, any size or shape label or sticker can be made including ovals, circles and triangles, supplied in rolls or sheets. Black on white, to multi- colour, logos, layout and design. All labels & stickers are supplied with permanent adhesive as standard but removable. High tack and freezer adhesives are available as an option.

Add More Shelf Appeal With the Right Bottle Labels

Milk Bottle Labels

With more and more dairy’s selling their own brand of milk direct to their local shops, we can produce bespoke labels to enhance the traditional milk bottle containers that we are used to seeing every day in our supermarkets.

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Beer Labels

Great bottles of beer have great and unusual labelling driving the brand.  Un

Custom Printed Beer Bottle Labelsusual custom beer labels really help to stand the product out from the competition.



Wine labels

DepeAlcohol and Soft Drinks Bottle Labelsnding on the requirements there may be labelling on the neck and back of the bottle, as well as the front main wine label.  Gilly Print will work with you through the whole process and ensure the correct regulations are followed.


Water Bottle Labels

There are no limitations to the designs you can have for water bottle labels.  Bottled water has become a popular give-away item so the design can be focussed around the event or occasion.  Typically made of vinyl these labels can have areas of transparency to compliment the contents, and are of course fully waterproof.


Gilly Print is the number one choice in Hampshire for professional, high quality bottle labels.  We work on prototypes to large volume labelling, so give us a call on 01590 718002 and find out how we can help.