Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels

Gilly Print cosmetic labels are suitable for all cosmetic products including essential oils, bath oils, soap, make up etc. They are waterproof and oilproof.

Cosmetic Labels – Correct cosmetic labelling is an important aspect of marketing a cosmetic or personal cosmetic care product. This labelling is used to help inform consumers of a cosmetic product’s intended use and any related warnings, its ingredients and net quantity of contents, and its place of manufacture or distribution. Your cosmetic label will be the first thing that your customer will look at.

Our cosmetic labels are made from industrial grade white, clear, transparent, matt, satin and gloss pvc on either vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene paper or chrome mirror. All cosmetic labels use British Standard cosmetic adhesive, BS5609.

Self Adhesive Stickers

Here at Gilly Print in Dorset, England, it is our aim to provide our cosmetic label customers with expert and friendly advice on cosmetic labels. We pride ourselves on the quality of our cosmetic label products which are produced to fulfil individual needs together with standard cosmetic label requirements. We provide high quality labels at an affordable price.

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All our bespoke custom printed cosmetic labels are used widely throughout the cosmetic industry. We supply labels suitable for Citizen, Zebra and Primera printers.

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Did you know that we also supply thermal printers to enable you to print your own cosmetic labels. Alternatively you could try our ‘rent before you buy’ option.

This is a great and inexpensive way to try out your cosmetic label printing.

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Gilly Print custom made Cosmetic product labels and stickers need to perform as well as the cosmetic product they are attached too. A Gilly Print custom printed cosmetic label more often than not becomes an integral part of our customer’s product so they need to perform to a high standard.

Cosmetic Label Design

A very important part of your product is the cosmetic label design.  When considering using your own cosmetic label artwork you should use vector based drawing programmes such as CorelDraw X4 or Adobe Illustrator CS5 for best results.  Your cosmetic label will only be as good as the artwork that you supply. Using one of these programmes will improve the sharpness of the printing plates and allow for better colour separation.  All photographic images should be embedded into the file and all text created as vector drawing line work by converting to curves.  If your cosmetic label artwork requires bleed off e.g the print touches the edge of the cosmetic label, you should allow 1.5mm of bleed off.  Converting all fonts to curves/paths will stop any missing font issues.

For expert advice regarding artwork please contact Gilly Print.

Advice for First Time Cosmetic Label Buyers

Before you start to consider the actual design of your cosmetic label you will need to consider what information you want to put on the label and what information may be required by law.  Remember you only have a limited space on your label. There are a few important things to think about including on your label. For example:

Your company name – Your contact details – Ingredients or additives – product name – product description – barcode – weight – batch numbers – country of origin -use by/best before dates – who your product is aimed at.

If you are a first time cosmetic label buyer you may be unaware of some of the costs involved.  To help you get started these are the basic costs to be aware of:

Artwork: If you have not supplied your own artwork there will be a charge for this.

Printing Plates: Many jobs do not require printing plates as most of the labels are now printed digitally, however for long runs it may be cheaper to use plates.

Cutters: Your paper or PP labels are cut to shape using specialised cutters. Although we have a large quantity of cutters and can generally match your shape and size if you require an exact shape and size this would incur a cutter charge.

Labels: This price depends on the material used and the cost of varnishing, laminating and die cutting your labels.  Another really important point is to remember that the larger the print run the more cost effective it will be.

Gilly Print has been supplying cosmetic labels and label printing solutions to the cosmetic industry for over 25 years.

We supply labels suitable for Citizen, Zebra, Tech, Primera and all leading brands of printers.

We also supply thermal printers and ribbons to enable you to print your own cosmetic labels or over print onto a pre printed label.

We can also supply hand held pricing guns with labels to match.

For more information and to discuss your labelling requirements please contact our expert team at Gilly Printers on 01590 718002, alternatively email us at

There are also restrictions on animal testing of products. Specific substances are prohibited or restricted and there are requirements for certain labelling and information to be held.  The labelling requirements include the name and address of the manufacturer/importer, the ingredients, durability marking, function and precautions.

Cosmetics are subject to legal definition – this may (depending on use) include aromatherapy products, but excludes products used solely as medicines. The main provisions make it an offence to supply a cosmetic product that may cause damage to human health. Correct cosmetic labelling is essential. For further information on the legal requirements for cosmetic labelling please follow the link: .

Artwork Guidelines

Please apply the following guidelines to any and all artwork provided. Our studio department can work with you to fix or amend some files to comply with our requirements, but supplying files that already meet guidelines will save you time on completing your labels.
  • Files should be supplied as either high resolution print ready Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) or Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file.
  • Photo style images (pictures) should be at least 600dpi.
  • All other graphics (eg. flat colour logos) should be supplied as vectors (illustrator).
  • All files should be created in CMYK.​
  • If files are supplied with specific Pantone references we will print using CMYK+O/V/G equivalent.
  • If spot colours are required to match existing labels, a colour match sample should be supplied.
  • Fonts should be specified in the order, or embedded and supplied as part of a packaged file. Commercial fonts should have licences for use provided.


For more information and to discuss your labelling requirements please contact our expert team at Gilly Print on 01590 718002 or email