Asset Labels

Asset Labels

Trying to keep track of your businesses equipment can prove extremely difficult and constant misplacement and loss of company assets is one of the biggest headaches for business owners.

If you are in possession of important and expensive equipment, you will want to make sure that they are easy to identify and track. Gilly Print asset labels are high quality, great value, easy to apply and come in a range of customisable styles.

Self adhesive label marking quite often is the most cost efficient method of asset marking. These can be full custom printed or part pre printed.

Product / asset labels can be consecutively numbered and bar coded, with the option of custom printed labels to include logos if required.

Tamper Resistant

Designed to be durable, one of the best materials for asset labels is tamper-resistant. Tamper-resistant labels are highly resilient and can also be produced so that the word VOID is left on the surface of the item after removal, making it less attractive to potential theives and therefore more likely to remain ‘in situ’.

Write & Seal Asset Labels and Tags

These labels are ideal if you need to add your own information to a label. We’ll print them part-laminated, so you can add your data to the label with a ballpoint pen – then peel off the sticker, stick down the backing and use your label as normal.

Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels & Stickers

Gilly Print destructible vinyl asset labels are made from tamper-proof white vinyl material – so once they’ve been stuck down they cannot be removed without breaking down into smaller pieces that would be evident to everyone.

ID product label example printed & over laminated for added protection

ID product label example printed & over laminated for added protection


Zebra Printer

Fully printed silver label

Pre printed labels ready for over printing


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