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What is Flexible Packaging Printing?

Flexible pouches are single-use commonly made of metal foil, plastic, and occasionally paper. Companies commonly use flexible packaging such as pouches, bags, wraps, sachets, and films to package snacks and liquids.

You can find these types of packaging in supermarkets all around the world. Different industries widely use it to wrap food, medicine, health products, pet food, and household items.

Did you know that we also supply Printers

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Label Dispensers

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Tags, Swing tie on, Luggage, Paper, Plastic, Printed, Garden and Service tags


We supply custom printed tags throughout the UK.

Our Tags can be supplied as single or continuous, on reels. We also supply thermal Tags to suit Citizen, Zebra Tec & Datamax Thermal Printers.

Most tags can be fitted with paper washers or brass eyelets to reinforce the holes. Strung or Unstrung.


Self-tie loop/clip lock tags affix without the need for adhesives, or strings making them a cost-effective and efficient labelling solution. These handy tags can be pre printed or supplied blank for over printing.

 And Ribbons Too

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Catch Weight /Scale Labels

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Hand Held Pricing and Coding Guns and labels


Our hand held coding guns are robust, easy to use & require minimal maintenance. When you consider the potential savings, a dispenser or hand coder will pay for itself in no time at all.

Contact us or telephone us 01590 718002 For best advice and price. uk

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“We’ve worked with Gilly print for a number of years, and they always deliver.   I would highly recommend them to anyone.” They go above and beyond to ensure they meet deadlines, no matter how tight

Penny Hamilton, Westlab



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 Contact us or telephone us 01590 718002 For best advice and price.